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You want to run a business in Curaçao?

Good preparation is half the job. I will gladly assist you.

You are interested in doing business in Curaçao!

Please find a list of the advantages below:

  • Curaçao values and maintains good connections with Central and Latin America.
  • Trade benefits apply to trading with Europe from Curaçao.
  • The familiarity of the legal system which resembles that of the Netherlands.
  • Curaçao's pleasant ambience.

I will gladly assist you to determine how your company can make use of these advantages.

A successful start and continuance

Starting a business in Curaçao not only has advantages, there are also definitely some points of attention. For instance, our business and license policy deviates (slightly) from that of the Netherlands. It is therefore recommended to properly record agreements in contracts.

Have you thought about a tailored legal form for your company? And what about the personnel policy and the employment contracts of your future employees. Perhaps the business premises still need to be leased or renovated and you want to record the agreements with the landlord or contractor in foolproof contracts. There is a great deal which you need to know and do when setting up a business in Curaçao. Therefore you must make sure to get proper information, particularly about the legal aspects. This way you will not have to deal with unpleasant surprises.

Consultancy and intermediation

As attorney at law I am fully informed about the latest legal developments in Curaçao, which means that I am equipped to counsel you during the process of setting up – and continuing – a business. Apart from the legal aspects associated with your business operations or practicing your profession in Curaçao, I can also answer questions and provide relevant information from a local perspective. This will enable you to reach a balanced decision and to have peace of mind when you actually move.

Information in the Netherlands

Dutch entrepreneurs who have plans to establish a business in Curaçao can also contact our NL Desk, located in Amsterdam. If there is sufficient interest, we will organize information meetings.
For additional information, please complete the form below or dial 00 31 20-3697542.


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