Anja Kleinmoedig | Attorney at Law and Mediator

Attorney at law

Anja Kleinmoedig is a dedicated attorney at law who represents the interest of her clients in an expert way.

Anja studied Dutch Law at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.

After her graduation in 1994 she first worked as a lawyer. In 1998 she was admitted to the Curaçao (at the time still the Netherlands Antilles) Bar Association. She has also been active as an attorney at law and a corporate lawyer since then.


As per April 2018 Anja Kleinmoedig is a registered mediator, registered in the register of the Mediators federatie Nederland (MfN).


One does not run a business alone. Our small and enthusiastic team consists of hard-working professionals who are perfectly attuned to each other. We constantly aim to optimize our services, so that you as a client can rest assured that you will receive optimal service.

Core Values

Trust and confidence

Trust and confidence are among the main cornerstones of providing legal services. I am proud of the trust and confidence you have placed in my firm. Your interests are our priority! I will therefore ensure optimum representation of your interests.

Personal approach

Kleinmoedig Attorney at Law is a small law firm, which means short lines of communication and personal contact. As owner and attorney at law I am well-informed about all pending cases and I can switch rapidly between case files if required, which is to your benefit.


I believe in open and direct communication and regard myself as a proactive sparring partner. You will soon get an understanding of (the approach to) your legal matters so that you know where you stand.