Conducting business

All entrepreneurs have to deal with the legal aspects related to running a business. You for instance would like to know your company's legal position in a certain situation or transaction or a contract needs to be drafted or assessed. Perhaps you have questions about the settlement of a transaction in which your company is involved or about the (internal) liability of a managing director, shareholder or supervisory director. My firm renders legal services in disputes with for instance customers, competitors, employees, providers, the government or government agencies. I would be pleased to vigorously commit myself to your case with my long-standing experience in providing legal services to entrepreneurs.

Enabling you to conduct business without any worries.

Real estate

As an owner, tenant, long leaseholder or a usufructuary, or as a project developer you will undoubtedly have to deal with legal issues, for instance during the new construction or renovation of a building. It could happen that a contractor fails to comply with the agreements or an association of owners fails to perform the maintenance or claims that the contributions are not paid in full or in due time, or a tenant who fails to pay rent or causes damage to the leased building. Maybe you yourself as a contractor or tenant are dealing with an owner who fails to comply with the agreements. I can assist you in these and other legal matters with the required know-how.

Enabling you to conduct business, live and work without any worries.

Dispute resolution

Getting involved in a dispute can happen to anyone or any company. The services of my firm primarily focus on achieving a resolution to the dispute which has arisen in mutual consultation and through negotiation. If this fails, I can represent you in litigation, where I will vigorously defend your or your company's positions and provide optimum representation of your case in court, before arbitrators or third parties charged with giving a binding opinion.

Securing your position and enabling you to proceed without any worries.

Private individuals

As a private individual you may also require wide-ranging legal services, from drafting contracts to representation of interests in disputes with for instance your employer, a principal or contractor, the government or other government agencies. You may also consult me for advice on your legal position regarding a certain matter. When you have sorted out all (legal) matters, you can take targeted action. As a legal expert with comprehensive experience in this area, I will gladly assist you.

Enabling you to proceed and realize your objectives without any worries.


Doing business in Curaçao

It is the dream of many: to work and conduct business on a tropical island. This is understandable because doing business in Curaçao is very appealing, due to the favorable tax environment, attractive location and the familiarity of the legal system which resembles that of the Netherlands. Apart from advantages, there are also definitely some points of attention when starting a business in Curaçao. Make sure to get proper information, particularly about the legal aspects. I can consult and guide you, both in the Netherlands and in Curaçao.

Enabling you to make your dream come true without any worries.

More information about doing business in Curaçao can be found on the NL desk page.

Customized services

Legal services are comprehensive. Each case is unique, including yours. I would be pleased to help you find a solution tailored to your situation. Please feel free to contact us for more information.